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What is "Connect2Hospitals" ?

  • Connect2Hospitals is a Life-Saving Software Tool which can be used for Helping and Saving Lives. It helps us to find Ambulances, Blood Banks, Emergency- Centers, Eye & Organ Banks, Missing People, Orphanages, Vaccines, Anti-venoms, Doctors, Hospitals, etc.,
  • Using this tool, we can find Needy people in our locality or elsewhere and Help them.
  • Doctors, Hospitals, Medical Companies, etc., can advertise their profiles in Connect2Hospitals to boost their customer base.
  • Connect2Hospitals is a Fully Automated Software Tool with No Manual Intervention involved.
  • What new benefits do we provide and/or what pain points are addressed ?

  • Connect2Hospitals helps us find needy people in our locality or elsewhere and help them.
  • Doctors, Hospitals, Medical Companies, medical & healthcare professionals, etc., can advertise their profiles in Connect2Hospitals to boost their customer base.
  • Connect2Hospitals fills the communication gap between the general public and the healthcare industry.

  • FREE Modules : Ambulances, Blood-Banks, Childcare Centres, Eye-Banks, Grave-yards, Help People, Missing People, Organ-Banks, Oldage-Homes, Orphanages, Patients, Vaccines & Anti-Venoms, etc.,
    SUBSCRIPTION Modules : Cosmetics, Dentists, Diseases & Cure, Doctors, Emergency Centres, General Practitioners, Govt. Medical Schemes, Gynaecologists, Hospitals, Insurances, Jobs, Loans, Medical Labs, Medical Stores, NGOs, Nursing Services, Pharma Companies, Prosthetics, Rehabilitation Centres, Surgeries, X-Rays & Other Diagnostic Centres, Yoga & Meditation Centres, etc.,

    How it works..?

    For General public/ Visitors :

    1. In the homepage/ index page (, select the module of your choice/ requirement.
    2. Enter/Select the details in the Search table visible to you and then Click the "Search" button.
    3. Based on your input details, the search results are displayed to you. You can further customize your search by filling/ selecting the appropriate inputs in the displayed page.

    For Participating Doctors/ professionals or other firms :

    1. In the homepage/ index page (, select the module of your choice/ requirement.
    2. The page corresponding to the module of you selection is displayed. Please notice on your right hand side, in the page there is a Login frame.
      a) If you are a new user, please click on the "Create an account" link and proceed with the account creation formalities, which will guide you smoothly through the process (which involves email verification).
      b) If you are an existing user and have an account with us, please input your username and password and then Click on the "Submit" button. Your credentials will be verified and on success, you will be able to login to the application.
    3. Once you are logged into the application, you will get the homepage visible. You are requested to click on the module you have registered for, and then fill in more business/ promotions' details into your profile by filling in the form. Further pages being displayed after your filling of details, are very simple and self explanatory.
    4. You can always verify your filled-in details' visibility by using the Search table of your Module's index/ homepage. The details, being submitted by you will go online instantly and are visible in real-time.
    5. You can alter/ update your details anytime as long as your subscription is valid.
    6. On expiry of your subscription, you are required to re-subscribe, to upload new details or modify/alter the existing details. The "Upload New Details" button and the "Edit" link will be dis-abled on expiry of the subscription, and will get enabled automatically on re-subscription.
    7. Nevertheless, irrespective of your subscription status (valid or expired),
      a) You will always be able to login to the application and view your previously uploaded details.
      b) You can search for any information from any module, for free.
    8. After using the application, please remember to logout.

    Advertisement :

    This Web site is a group advertisement. It provides a common arena for patients and doctors. Patients can find the doctors in their locality through a customized search facility. This helps them to reach out to the medical aid at the earliest, thereby minimizing the time-lag and assists indirectly in quick medical care.

    The Connect2Hospitals website is informative in nature. It is not a referral service or prepaid services plan. Connect2Hospitals is not a medical firm. The sole basis for the inclusion of the participating doctors or other professionals or other firms is the payment of a fee for exclusive geographical advertising rights. Connect2Hospitals does not endorse or recommend any professional or a firm who participates in the network. It does not make any representation and has not made any judgement as to the qualifications, expertise or credentials of any participating professional. The information contained herein is not medical or any type of advice. Any information you submit to Connect2Hospitals may not be protected by the privileges. All information are provided by participating professionals/ firms.

    Note: The responsibility of verification & authenticity of the information provided in this website lies with the users themselves.

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    Medical Related Areas

    As of now, there are 36 medical field related areas/ modules being listed in this website. More modules shall be included in the near future.

    The users can choose the appropriate area(s)/ module(s) for customized searching based on their requirements.

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