About Us:

The Connect2Hospitals is an informative website designed with the intention of helping people to reach out to Medical Aid at the earliest, thereby minimizing time-lag and assisting in faster, convenient and affordable medical solutions. This website is developed, keeping in mind the ease with which patients/ general public can make use of the medical services in their locality or at their desired place, as and when needed. As the information plays a vital role, we have tried to bring the customized medical information at your finger tips.

We are offering this information free of cost to the general public. There shall be nominal subscription charges applicable for those who upload the module specific information in the website.

The "Connect2Hospitals" website is designed with the mindset of a common man. Even a primary-school going kid can navigate throughout the website with ease, with little or no help. The web pages are highly customized and yet, simple to navigate. The use of friendly fonts in the website provide a convenience of reading for both adults and children. The homepage servers as a main gateway for all modules and so, it minimizes both time and effort of searching.

Patients can make use of the First Hand Information available in the website and reach out to the nearest hospitals whenever needed and follow up with the doctors' and/or hospitals' advice, well aware of the options available at very cheaper rates. In this way, patients are always in a win-win situation.

The movement of patients from one hospital to another and also the virtual delays created by the lack of information can be highly avoided. This is a convenience for patients and their loved ones. This directly reduces the treatment costs. One can overcome the hurdle of lack of information about the medical field and the available facilities and so, a proper guiding system will always be with patients (/their dear ones) at their finger tips for faster and better treatment.

The Advantages of "Connect2Hospitals" are:

  • Most of the information relevant to the medical field is available in a single site at your finger tip.
  • The website is designed with the mindset of a common man. Even a primary-school going child can use it with ease.
  • Patients can book an appointment with a doctor/hospital online for free (to be realized in future enhancements).
  • Patients are aware of the better and cheaper options available and can make a choice of treatment within their budget limits.
  • The chances of exploitation of patients can be highly reduced.
  • Patients and people in general, always have information about the available medical facilities.
  • Patients may never end up paying more for a mere small illness which could have been well treated/cured for lesser cost.
  • Unnecessary movement of patients among different hospitals can be avoided.
  • The inconvenience experienced by the patients and their loved ones can be avoided/ minimized.
  • The proposed system may aid in the speedy recovery of patients by giving them a timely and genuine information.
  • Unnecessary financial complications can be avoided.
  • A simple medical treatment can be provided in a simpler way.
  • Lack of awareness among patients can be overcome.
  • Doctors/ Hospitals treating trauma patients (who have no near and dear ones around) can be aware of the patients' health history with the help of the AADHAAR Card No.(/ country specific Unique Identification No.) / biometrics, with which the patients might have uploaded their health histories in this website.

Invention  and  Management


  Khadir.S,  Founder & CEO.


Connect2Hospitals is a Fully Automatted Software with No Manual Intervention involved.

A widespread Global Research and Simulation has been carried out for over a Decade, to get the real-time scenario inputs.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Complex Algorithmic Structures have been extensively used in the realization of Software.

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